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Jan, 72, Poet, Painter, Performer


Recorded: Sep 19 2021 / 16:33:06 /

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The painter prince of Lüneburg in front of a momentilistic work. The term Momentilism, coined by Jan, stands for paintings that are created from a situation in a very short time.

A new marketing channel: painting as a limited luminous object: here the color measurement for the photographic reproduction of a large-format work.

The creation of a momentilistic painting is best observed in Jan’s action painting performances. Here you can see him in 2012 at a vernissage.

Jan prefers to combine his action paintings with dance and music. Here you can see him with his partner, the ballerina Jarika.

Jan and Jarika on a program photo from an advertising brochure of the artist duo, which has traveled all over Europe with its program in recent years.

More than painting: Jan at a performance rehearsal in the sales room of the studio.

Art development: First lighting tests for the new light painting project.


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Christoph Künne

Christoph Künne ist Mitbegründer, Chefredakteur und Verleger der DOCMA. Der studierte Kulturwissenschaftler fotografiert leidenschaftlich gerne Porträts und arbeitet seit 1991 mit Photoshop.

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