mitigate motion blur

bewegung Many recording defects by blurring caused due to insufficient focus - the focus of the imaged object is not exactly on the film stage or the chip. A blur of another kind is the that have been made by motion; while the camera is not held still during the exposure time or the object itself moves either. So far, only the ability to counter these errors caused by different routes with general sharpening. The "Smart Sharpen" initially offers the "Remove" option "Gaussian Blur" the possibility of the "Unsharp Mask" in analogy to to come to grips with.

bewegung_2As another alternative, the filter "Removing" but also "motion blur" supported. Because of the problems described at the beginning of the blurring of image information over a larger area with simultaneous superposition of pixels (see page 7), this reconstruction has indeed show their limits, but as the results will be quite get to improve a lot. To replace the filter effectively, you need to estimate the one about how many pixels the "smearing" of an original image point extends (radius) and on the other hand, the angle at which it manifests itself; here is an exactly horizontal movement, that is, an angle of 0 degrees. "Strength" adjust by eye.

03_Schaerfen_und_WeichzeichnenThis tip comes from volume 3 of the Encyclopedia Photoshop you in our Webshop can buy as an e-book.

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