Hue / Saturation: The Targeted-adjusting tool

The "targeting-adjusting tool" in dialogue "Hue / Saturation" allows interactively select color areas directly in the image and to change its "tone" or "saturation". Select this tool and click on a desired color in the image. The recognized color range is activated, reduce or increase "the" saturation by dragging left or right. Keep in addition the "Ctrl / Cmd" key change in this way the "tone" of the activated color region. For changing the "brightness" in the "Hue / Saturation" dialog, the "Focused-adjust tool" unfortunately does not go in.

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Olaf Giermann

His first contact with Photoshop took place in 2003 at the university where the program has been used exclusively as scanning software. Meanwhile Giermann applies literally as the "Photoshop-Lexikon" in German-speaking and sharing his knowledge in DOCMA in video courses and seminars.

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