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Das Bildbearbeitungspaket für Urlaubsfotos
Das Bildbearbeitungspaket für Urlaubsfotos

Skylum published Luminar Flex for Photoshop, Lightroom & Co

Skylum veröffentlicht Luminar Flex für Photoshop, Lightroom & Co

Skylums Workflow-Software Luminar ist ab sofort in zwei Versionen erhältlich. Zu Luminar 3 gesellt sich mit dem neuen Luminar Flex eine reine Plug-in-Version, die lediglich die bekannten Funktionen zur Bildbearbeitung beziehungsweise Raw-Entwicklung bietet. Luminar Flex richtet sich an Anwender, die ihre Bilder mit einer anderen Software verwalten möchten und diese Funktion daher nicht benötigen. In Photoshop wird ein Bild an Luminar Flex über das Filtermenü, in Lightroom über „Foto > Bearbeiten in …“ oder „Bibliothek > Zusatzmoduloptionen“ zur Bearbeitung weitergereicht.

The Luminar Flex plug-in may pictures for macOS and Apple Aperture be used with Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop Elements. Luminar 3 currently offers even more a plug-in function, but will only function as a standalone full version starting next update. Users of Luminar Luminar 3 or 2018 can download for free the Luminar-Flex plug-in nor the update function of Luminar 3 until then.

He who is not in possession of a Luminar 3 license, Luminar can purchase and download Flex in the web shop of Skylum for 59 euros. Luminar 3 costs 70 euros. For more information on the Websites of Skylum.

Skylum veröffentlicht Luminar Flex für Photoshop, Lightroom & Co

Luminar Flex:
Press release of Skylum

Skylum announces the brand new software Luminar plugin to extend the capabilities of all photographers

Mit Luminar Plugin können Fotografen die ausgeklügelten Bearbeitungstechnologien von Luminar nutzen, um ihre kreativen Möglichkeiten zu steigern und Zeit zu sparen – und weiterhin ihre gewohnte Foto-Software nutzen.

Bellevue, WA - March 28, 2019 - today Skylum Software presents Luminar Plugin, a new software Skylum, the photographer helps with unique and powerful editing features to enhance their creativity.

Luminar offers incredible adjustments and effects that are found nowhere else. Luminar almost every photographer can be installed now in the workflow, as it is compatible with Mac as a plugin with Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, Photoshop Elements and pictures.

"Luminar 3 is leading the way as an all-in-one management and imaging solution for photographers - that is why we want to be accessible to all. Therefore, there is now Luminar in two different versions, "said Alex Tsepko, CEO of Skylum. "With Luminar plugin photographers can continue to use the master software of their choice while leveraging the unique editing features such as Luminar Accent AI filter or the AI ​​Sky enhancer."

Unleash beautiful images with creative filters and Looks

Luminar offers more than 50 filters for corrections and improvements. Users will find useful filters and Luminar looks that are not available anywhere else to give their images a unique look:

● Accent-AI: Analyzed and photos automatically corrected one over

Dozen checkpoints simultaneously. The Accent-AI filter can be a good basis for processing, in which the shadows, highlights, contrast, and more already optimized.

● AI Sky Enhancer: Transforms a gray and dreary sky in a spectacular. The AI ​​Sky Enhancer automatically detects the sky in a photo and makes the necessary adjustments to improve color and clarity.

So you can improve your landscape images with a single slider.

● sunbeams filter: Users can add their photos within seconds realistic sun rays and adjust them in size, placement, etc..

● Detail Enhancement: Creates dramatic photos with crystal clear clarity. This filter details are worked out without halos or artifacts.

● Golden Hour: Bring a warm sun light effect in your photo. This filter simulates the shooting conditions after sunrise or before sunset. The indirect light ensures that hazy pictures appear warmer and spatial themselves.

● Orton effect: This filter gives a picture parts Glow, who designed the light softer and simultaneously increases the sharpness of detail. The result is a unique emotional look.

Picture Lights / gloss: Gives a total of "sleepy" look by the bright areas of the image are brightened targeted. This is a great filter for portraits and landscapes even to achieve soft, saturated results.

● Green Improvement: Increase the saturation of colors in landscapes and get crisp, bright images.

● LUT mapping: Applying Lookup Table files (LUT) files for creative color correction and film simulations.

● Luminar LooksMore than 100 one-click Looks deliver optimum photographer

Starting point for further creative editing.

In addition to the support of AI functions offered Luminar Plugin, users can also accelerate their workflow by using workspaces. These are collections of filters that are sorted by photo genre (eg., Air picture, black and white, landscape). Use of integrated workspaces or organizing its preferred filter in a custom workspace time savings and a more efficient workflow can result.

allow Luminar looks fast, adaptable to change a button, saving time and offer a variety of creative ways. Skylum working with top photographers and picture editors to create new looks. Every month on the photographer on the Luminar MarketPlace new looks. Many of them are free.

Another advantage of the Luminar plugins for Lightroom users is the ability to Layers and Blend Modes To use. Using adjustment layers, you can apply filters to flexible levels. These can be combined with blend modes to achieve new results. Likewise, the opacity can be adjusted so that they are mixed together. It is also possible to work with textures, images or masks.

Luminar plugin is compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements CC and can be connected as an extension with Adobe Lightroom and Apple Classic CC Photo for Mac. In addition, Photoshop users have the advantage of being able to use Luminar Plugin as a Smart Object. So that changes can be continued even after closing the plugin. In addition, you can even record custom Photoshop Actions that involve incredible effects with Luminar filters, layers and textures.

Luminar plugin will have its own development road map. Owners of Luminar Luminar 2018 and 3 will receive a free copy of Luminar plugin. With the next major update of the Luminar workflow plugins from Luminar 3 is removed and will be available only in Luminar plugin. *

Luminar Plugin costs 59 euros and is expected on 28 March.

The Luminar plugin function in the following host applications

  • Photoshop (Windows & Mac OS)
  • Lightroom Classic (Windows & Mac OS)
  • Photoshop Elements (Windows and Mac OS)
  • Photos for macOS
  • Apple Aperture

For more information about the plugin at Luminar

* Note: Luminar plugin is the recommended workflow Skylum for photographers who want to capture the Luminar engine and the range of filters into their workflow. Luminar 3 is a desktop application that also provides basic plug-in workflows, but only with the next major update will become a stand-alone product.

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