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Gold Effect

With the gold layer style of "designercow" allows logos and other surfaces gild or silver with a click.

The free layer style comes in a Photoshop file, and as a style file (.asl) that can be loaded via the Styles palette. The effect can be adjusted as any layer effects by the user - such as a gold in a silver surface or without a border. It is best to put the downloaded .asl file to the styles folder, which can be found in Photoshop CS6 within the program folder (Adobe Photoshop CS6> Presets> Styles).
Here You can download the layer style.

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John Wilwerding

John Wilwerding has thus collected in the mid-eighties and before the advent of Photoshop & Co. experience in the digitization of photos and in electronic image processing. Since 2001 he has been a freelance media designer and since 2005 worked for the DOCMA magazine.

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