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PREMIUM WORKSHOP: All remover Artifacts and interfering objects retouch | Lightroom Academy: Levels | Slice effect Portrait sliced ​​| Photoshop Academy: Form Grid | Tips & Tricks: Photoshop Actions / Channel Mixer / folders in Lightroom |Creative lighting with flashlights | DOCMA Award 2019 - Adobe Stock Special Price Uli Staiger quotes David LaChapelle | Success with photography: Interview with Patrick Ludolph | Readers ask - DOCMA help etc.

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The DOCMA output 88 (3-2019) get in Newsagents (From 11 April 2019) and in our Webshop - when printed edition and as ePaper for instant download.

You can find the links to the study materials in the number of posts in DOCMA booklet.


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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks for Lightroom Classic CC To organize your photos using folders in Lightroom.

Tips & Tricks for Adobe PhotoshopTake advantage of the adjustment layer "Channel Mixer" not only for black and white conversions, but also for image looks for contrast enhancement and smoothing and lightening skin.

Tips & Tricks for Adobe Photoshop Here you can find tips about Photoshop actions and learn how to customize the control panel, play actions, change action steps and can work around problems.

Free LoadsFree download material for image editors: Photoshop requirements and Lightroom presets, Photoshop files, video tutorials and more


One person - many facetsThe Netflix series "Black Earth Rising" advertises the profile image of a woman whose clothes dissolves in silhouettes of people. We show how the effect is realized.

Creative lighting with flashlightsTo install commercially available LED flashlights one as a portrait studio lighting.

DOCMA helps: birch bark In response to a reader question shows Doc Baumann how to create a texture with Photoshop that looks like birch bark.

PREMIUM WORKSHOP: All remover Photoshop offers various retouching tools disturbing image areas to remove. Find out using various problems, how to use them best.

Slice effect Olaf Giermann discussed with many practical tips for how to implement with Photoshop, the image idea of ​​a virtually sliced ​​portraits.

With Lightroom traveling The Cloud offers for photographers on the move, a number of advantages - from immediate backup over access to their own catalogs to image processing in the Web browser.

pens sketch With a Photoshop action that can be found for free on the Web, you can create a drawing with little effort from a photo that looks like a ballpoint pen sketch.

Lightroom Academy: Levels What rules should take to heart when taking pictures and what corrective opportunities does Lightroom to get tonally photos, you will learn in this tutorial.

Photo looks To do with Lightroom and Photoshop from a portrait format a landscape photo and from a normal recording an artificial long-term exposure.

Photoshop Academy: Form Grid With the form grid, you can achieve much more than changing only body poses.


Friends of DOCMA DOCMA-reader Inga Lübker tinkering with fondness small composing that tell stories from a water world. We give an example of how they tackle the problem.


Good lighting on the go With our guide, you tinker without much trouble and cost an essay for the flash head, which ensures good portrait light.

Success with photography Patrick Ludolph reveals in DOCMA interview as he denies with photography for a living.

Natural instincts While people are spending more and more time in the virtual world of social networks, a trend back to nature can already be seen in the range of Adobe Stock.

Rendezvous with a fox The photographer Harald Kröher tested the Sigma 70-200mm F2.8 DG OS
HSM | Sports at the shelter at a photo shoot with a fox and a model and made in Photoshop for a pleasing background.

Lighting setups and visual ideas for beautiful portraits The textbook by Andreas Bübl provides practical recommendations for the light setting in the studio.

News News for image-maker and photographer and the highlights from the DOCMA Blog


Our writers / Imprint Here we present the authors of the DOCMA magazine.

DOCMA Award 2019: Adobe Stock Special Price Uli Staiger shows - inspired by David LaChapelle - how to put a remix project exclusively with images from Adobe Stock.

DOCMA Award 2019: Remixing Wilp Steffen Schüngel demonstrated in ten easy steps, how he came to own interpretation of a classic advertising icon Charles Wilp.

Webklicks The best creative pages for inspiration for Bildermacher

Techtalk: Over-worked "When a picture actually finished?" Said Christoph Künne asks.

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John Wilwerding

John Wilwerding has thus collected in the mid-eighties and before the advent of Photoshop & Co. experience in the digitization of photos and in electronic image processing. Since 2001 he has been a freelance media designer and since 2005 worked for the DOCMA magazine.

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