DOCMA Award 2017

SSST! Super Short Story Telling - tell stories, super short

With the DOCMA Award 2017 we want to encourage our readers to to tell exciting short stories. So short stories to fit into a single image. What you have to do: Take a quote a line from a song, a passage from a book or a dialogue from a movie - and from this you get a picture, You can do this, of course, write yourself a super short story for this too. The result can be a photo, a drawing, a photo montage or a 3D implementation, the main thing, the image is at the end digital vor.Jede submitted story must consist of two parts: a maximum of 300 characters short text and a picture that illustrates this text , It can be submitted up to five picture stories. As always, each participant must assess themselves in the categories "Master," "Journeyman" or "apprentice".




Who does not immediately has its own super-short-story in mind can be inspired by so-called drink coaster or ultra-short stories, such as those found easily on the Internet. A large number of such minimal stories there are, for example, on the Tiny Tales "-Twitter account by Florian Meimberg, Or use is made of the short message dialogs, In these cases, please call the source of inspiration.

The facts

Deadline: 08th May 2017
Exhibition of the winning works in Musum for Communication Frankfurt: September 2017 - Janunar 2018
Presentation of the work in DOCMA-book and online: From October 2017

Profits: for 25,000 Euro € our sponsors, a 5,000 cash prize Nopar of International and for about 5,000 € Bargains Adobe Stock

Application 1: Here you can as Participants for the DOCMA Award 2017 to register and upload your pictures.
Application 2: Here you can as Participants for the Adobe Stock Special Price to register Upload your pictures.

Further information about the DOCMA Award 2017 is here.
Additional information on Adobe Stock Special Price you'll find here.

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Main sponsors of DOCMA Awards 2017 are Adobe, Sigma and Fujifilm, have been doing additional sponsors: Eizo, Epson, Nopar International, Juicywalls, Wacom, Datacolor, Horizonte Zingst and the Museum for Communication Frankfurt.


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