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Der Digitalspezialist

Whether it is all analog media to photographic prints, negatives or slides or sound or video recordings on magnetic tape, are subject to an inexorable decline. Rescue alone promises a timely digitalisation, and we wanted to know how much effort on a specialized service - a digital specialist - it must drive.

Whether baby boomers or Generation X - many of us have documented their experiences with analog media. This includes photos, be it prints, negatives, slides or Polaroids, films on Super 8, Normal 8 or 16 mm, video in one of the many once popular formats VHS, Betamax and Video 2000, as well as audio recordings on tape or compact cassette.

Der Digitalspezialist
The digitization of the negatives
requires manual labor.

Even if these analog media resources are optimally stored and not moldy in a wet basement, they are subject to constant decay. The color pigments of photographic emulsions fade, the carrier material is fragile and brittle, and the magnetization of audio and video recordings is weaker year after year. If you want to eventually go to it, to stop further losses through digitization of analog media, you often makes the pace of technological progress a spanner in the works. The necessary equipment is not available or use interfaces that do not have the most current computers, and even if you have all the necessary hardware components that are missing that are compatible with your operating system driver.

High-quality scans of medium format images dissolve details on to the film grain.

Therefore digitization is often as complicated out when you look at the thought. From a project for one or two weekends a time-consuming hobby threatens to be, that does not bring an even fun. It therefore makes sense to look for a service provider around the digitization of old on all tasks, analog media specializes. Just as the company F & G Digitalspezialist GmbH in Osnabrueck ( that has been made in this area since 2007 a name. We wanted to get an idea of ​​how such a service provider works, and as a challenge, we had a variety of analog images brought - negatives and slides in different film formats, but also a typical photo album, in which prints as well as other holiday memories were glued.


Incoming orders are registered in a database system, the logged all processing steps, is sent back to the submitted analog material together with the digitized data.

Der Digitalspezialist
The equipment used for digitization have to re-earn their inspection sticker over again.

F & G digital specialist has the necessary equipment to digitize all once popular media. The foundation consists of vintage hardware that is elaborately decorated in full working order, as proved by their regularly renewed inspection stickers. While the shelves full of players at first glance like an art museum formerly widespread - and some less common - acting media formats, it is in fact a collection of digitizing solutions which supposedly lost in the foreseeable future to save content are good will.

Some tweaks and modifications of the equipment used by the way the company develops itself, so as to achieve the optimum results.

What should be the resolution and color depth of scans, the customer can choose freely. In slide scans, for example, four grades of "Eco" stand (8-bit JPEG 3000 ppi) to "professional" (16-bit TIFF with 5100 ppi) to select. The customer can also decide whether a test carried out on page correctness and whether portrait and landscape formats should be aligned.


The digital version of the sent analog media stores F & G Digitalspezialist according to the customer on DVDs, USB flash drives or hard drives. These can be booked deductions.

A special case are photo albums, can contain as city maps or tickets in addition to the glued photos and handwritten texts and memorabilia. Such albums can be paged scan and cm in a photo book in the format 20 × 20, 30 × 30 cm or transform A4, with the appearance of the original remains largely intact. The scans are also included. You can also download your album as an eBook, to look at it on a computer or on a mobile device.

Der Digitalspezialist
For our collection of photos in various formats an album partially collaged prints belonged (left). From the scans of album pages (right) F & G makes digital specialist to request a photo book in Leporellobindung.

Digital Specialist: Last rescue

But what if not your analog media need to be rescued, but existing digital data has been seemingly lost? F & G Digitalspezialist also offers data recovery as a service, be it from hard drives or flash media such as SSDs, USB sticks or SD cards. Based on an initial analysis, which provides information on the prospects of success, turnaround time and cost, you can then decide whether an elaborate reconstruction of the memory contents is worthwhile.

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Michael J. Hußmann

Michael J. Hussmann is a leading expert in the technology of cameras and lenses in Germany. He studied computer science and linguistics and worked for some years as a scientist in the field of artificial intelligence.


  1. Ich habe auch meine alten Dias und Super8 Filme digitalisieren lassen bei Mediafix und war sehr zufrieden! Die Beratung am Telefon war sehr gut und auch das Ergebnis ist toll geworden, hätte ich nicht gedacht, bei den alten Aufnahmen. Was den Dienstleister angeht, lohnt es sich sicher, ein bisschen zu vergleichen:

  2. Ich beschäftige mich nun auch schon seit einiger Zeit mit der Digitalisierung meiner alten Dias. Ich habe inzwischen verschiedene Services und Dienstleister getestet und jeweils eine Hand voll Dias scannen lassen, darunter auch Digitalspezialist. Am Ende habe ich mich jedoch auf Grund der besten Digitalisierung-Qualität für Mediadig entschieden

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