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DOCMA help: make stars brighter

Sprechstunden-Tipp: Sterne heller machen
Output image of Burkhardt Schaaf

In the newDOCMA edition 86 (January / February 2019) answered Doc Baumann following question our reader Burkhardt Schaaf: "Mith the attached image (detail) I have my problems: Although the starry sky comes on the screen clearly out, but on every printout the stars are hardly visible. Can you give me any advice on how I should proceed, so that the stars come out well in print? "

Solution: make stars brighter

01 New level with stars

Since only the stars, but the building will not be changed in the foreground or not quite dark sky near the horizon, first select the starry sky with the lasso and wider, smoother selection edge. Duplicate the selected area to a new level; If necessary, they desaturate them. Faint stars just above the horizon, you can neglect. Per "Levels" or "Curves" make the sky so dark and the stars as bright as possible.

Sprechstunden-Tipp: Sterne heller machen02 Brighter and more stars

Set the layer to "Negative Multiply" and apply "Filter> Other Filters> Light areas enlarge to." This goes to Photoshop CS6 in 1-pixel jumps, precise in Photoshop CC with a decimal place (see the page after next). Finish the bright stars.

Consultations tip: make stars brighter. More solutions to readers' questions can be found in Doc Baumann's clinic in the new DOCMA issue 86 (January / February 2019)

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