"Passionate photographing" by Steve Simon

Such a book I could have used very well in the beginning of my photo career. Steve Simon describes his career from amateur to professional photographers. Many of his experiences, I have also done - with a lot of sweat, effort and money. His approach, he shows very clearly and intelligibly in the 10 steps. He does not try to present its technology as the ultimate. Anyone can, may and must find its own path, but with these tips you will find its way much easier.

Steve Simon but simply describes not only stupid technology. The photo technique is explained, always refers to the topic of street photography. It is not a book to learn the basics of photography. Simon shows how he walks in the street photography on people. How to communicate with people whose language he can not, and that before men are not afraid must have, even if you once cashed a rebuff. This is also my own experience of street photography. A smile, a nod, a camera shake can work wonders and people are open for photography. You can find my pictures on this topic here.

I turn for years on the trick with the Fujifilm Instax instant camera. When it comes, everyone I photograph get an instant picture of himself. This usually opens a door to more photos.

The book by Steve Simon is extensive with 255 pages. The paper, the envelope and the pressure of the pictures are excellent, thereby making it even more fun to read the book.

My recommendation for this book from dpunkt Publisher: absolutely worth reading. I hope you enjoy it.

„Leidenschaftlich Fotografieren“ von Steve SimonSteve Simon
Isolde Kommer / Christoph Kommer (Translation)

photograph passionate

As you evolve as a photographer / in in ten steps and take better pictures

April 2019, 256 pages,
full color, hardcover

ISBN Print: 978-3-86490-619-0


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Karsten Rose

Box Rose is a trained photographer and a master manufacturer. For many years he also works as a lecturer in photography and Photoshop.

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