With the Tamron 35-150mm f / 2.8-4 to report

Steep thesis first: Super Zooms are for amateurs, really good pictures to make only with fixed focal lengths. Okay, the thesis is of course moronic. Whether an image is good, does not depend on the lens used. But still: Over the years, has become something of an aversion to zoom lenses with me. This has less to do with the zoom with my laziness. I work with a fixed focal length, I have to move. I have to go on the subject or move away from it so that it fits into the picture. This gives me time to think about the right point of view. I try around automatically alters more time perspective. I move even a bit more to the right or to the left? When zoom lens that's different: I usually I put myself to a place fit just the shot and press the shutter button. Then it's on to the next image. Come out in the end if I had screwed a zoom lens in front of my camera, one hand much more and also much more mediocre pictures than in artificial limitation to a fixed angle. Of course these are just my experiences. Yet even many other photographers I have reported such introspection. And it is the observation of the luxury perspective of an amateur. I have no images of anything to make, but I make the pictures that I want to do. So usually, at least.

Mit dem Tamron 35-150mm f/2.8-4 auf Reportage

But sometimes things turn out differently. Recently I had accredited me the "Race 61". This is an event in Brandenburg, on the people meet with gasoline in the blood. You go on the site of an aircraft museum with its old US cars to race. But not as a real race with a kilometer-long track, but a very short, only 400 meters long. Actually, they speed up their cars just a few seconds, because then the quarter mile is already too late. So you get an idea of ​​what's going on, I once posted a short video of a typical race.

Video: The quarter mile

If you go as a representative of the press to such an event, even a couple of presentable images must come to an end. The course should appear somewhere and - most importantly, the organizer is usually very grateful for Free material that he then can freely use. Something secures the next accreditation. But that the photo amateur luxury perspective has then resolved also to some degree in air.

I thought a few days about it, what lens would necessarily be there, and what not, and what lenses I'd better in what bag to lug around on the day with me. It's all a very theoretical matter. Although I knew the terrain, but not the event. Will a 135, or is even heavier 180 umumgänglich? If the 14er with, or does something lighter 24er? And in between? 35s, 50s and 85's? Or 50s and 105s? Perhaps a macro for security? Then we would be at about six kilos only of lenses. Are all in the large shoulder bag or better in a few quiver on a belt plus a small backpack? Will it really says 30 degrees with sun as the weather app? Questions, questions.

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Christoph Künne

Christoph Künne is co-founder, editor and publisher of DOCMA. The scientists studied cultural photographed passionate portraits and works since 1991 with Photoshop.

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