Sensor whispers: Olympia in 2020 and the consequences

For years I have been following the development of a (partial) organic sensor and Panasonic has now not only confirmed that the Olympic Games 2020 8K video camera with such a sensor is to be at the start - after the Olympics 2020, this type of sensor in ordinary cameras For Lumix range input.

Olympia 2020
In a conventional CMOS sensor (left) of the silicon chip contains both the photodiode as well as a possible additional charge storage. Panasonic's new sensor (right) uses an organic film (OPF) for photoelectric conversion, while the chip including only has to store the generated electric charges. (Source: Panasonic)

About the organic sensor I had at this point half years ago and then again At the end of last year reported. Unlike a conventional CMOS sensor of the silicon chip is not used all the tasks of a sensor of the conversion of photons to electrons, the storage of electrons, and finally reading the collected electric charges. The photoelectric conversion takes over an organic film, which is applied to the chip, and the chip only needs to store and provide the infrastructure for reading the electrons generated.

in a recent interview Panasonic promises Manager Takashi Ishii that the new sensor is to cope with a dynamic range of 15 to 16 stops. In addition, the organic film is to be controllable in its sensitivity by an applied voltage, which makes not only a global electronic shutter, but also an electronically controllable ND filter possible.

These features were previously already known; But new is the commitment to incorporate the organic sensor after the Olympic Games in other cameras, including those of the Lumix series. In theory, an organic sensor would have to be superior to all previous sensor designs, but in practice, problems could show that we know anything yet. It will be fascinating also to Olympia 2020th

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