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New Edition: DOCMA 89 commercially

Neue Ausgabe: DOCMA 89 im Handel

DOCMA 89 commercially: Starting today, June 6, 2019 is a new DOCMA edition on newsstands as well as print edition and as an ePaper in our Webshop available.

In the 14-page Premium workshop of the new issue # 89 to learn how your photos with the image processing technology Dodge & Burn can give more plasticity. The Photoshop Academy addresses the wide range of possible Lab modeIn the Lightroom Academy we show you how popular Image corrections in Lightroom Classic CC carry out. An interesting mixed-media effect can be achieved in an instant with the presented by Olaf Giermann free Watercolors action, The currently fashionable in Instgram mounting style, in which two actually mismatched images are combined together by a mirroring effect, we also provide the tutorial "mirror worlds" in front. And as always, you will find in this issue more tutorials, tips and tricks for Photoshop, Lightroom and photography, background articles, an interview and more.

Inform yourselfhere of all contents of the booklet.

DOCMA 89 commercially: Highlights of the new edition (July / August 2019)

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DOCMA 86 im Handel

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DOCMA 89 commercially: Highlights of this issue

  • PREMIUM WORKSHOP: Dodge & Burn give greater plasticity images
  • Lightroom Academy: studio recordings Image adjustments Lightroom Classic CC
  • Tips & Tricks Area mask in Lightroom and Camera Raw
  • Photoshop Academy: The mode Lab Color
  • DOCMA Raw System: Kodak Looks
  • Mirror as a light source A change in lighting
  • Replica tutorial: Sin City style means
  • Detail enhancement with normal maps use Photoshop's 3D filter misused
  • Objects shrink: Mini-Car
  • Guided online photography courses Interview mit Rüdiger Schestag über sein webbasiertes Lernformat
  • etc.

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John Wilwerding

John Wilwerding has thus collected in the mid-eighties and before the advent of Photoshop & Co. experience in the digitization of photos and in electronic image processing. Since 2001 he has been a freelance media designer and since 2005 worked for the DOCMA magazine.

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  1. Photoshop-Akademie: Der Modus Lab-Farbe
    leider kann ich keine “Rubrik Leserbrief” finden. Deshalb hier mein Problem:
    In der Heftausgabe 89 wird auf Seite 72 ind der Nummer 5 beschrieben, wie ich in Camera Raw den Lab-Farbraum aufrufe. Der Farbraum Lab exisatiert in meiner Farbraumliste aber überhaupt nicht. Ich nutze PS CS6 und Camera Raw 9.1.1. Was läuft schief? Können Sie helfen?
    Besten Dank im Voraus
    Roland Nappert

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