Microsoft Creative Jam and win-Mac system comparison

Microsoft Creative Jam was launched to bring closer creative work with the Surface products. Surface Produkte? Das ist die Hardware-Linie des Software-Giganten Microsoft, der damit zu den Arbeitsplätzen der Kreativen und Kreatoren vordringen will. Denn von denen nutzen fast 50 Prozent Computer aus dem Hause Apple. Hat das heute noch einen guten Grund?

Microsoft Surface Computer

Microsoft's Surface computers offer a lot more than the apple crates from Cupertino in technical terms. For example, touch displays on workstations and notebooks. The devices can be similar to Wacom Cintiques, with a pressure-sensitive pen to operate directly on the monitor. Another benefit is the hardware of the high-end models. On closer inspection, it brings the eyes of every creative technology nerds shine. If you are by the way, even with a SurfaceStudio 2, that the latest desktop device serial flirt, you can one worth around 5,000 euros at current DOCMA Award 2019 win.

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Win-Mac system comparison

The question arises: How Microsoft's technology has struck at the Challenge? The hardware is great and really should tell the difference between operating systems today hardly feel it. However, for many of the participants from the creative teams dealing with Windows seemed clearly unfamiliar.

For this reason, they got some time even before the start, to customize the workspace and make friends with tools such as the Surface Dial. Very quickly we realized a long-time Mac users: Although Adobe applications under Windows look and macOS today the same, a change of the system underlying the practice is not to be underestimated challenge.

computer Rage

Speaking of challenge: I had the observed one year ago by myself. From anger at Apple's products strategy I laid me a Surface Book then. The previously newly introduced Macbook Pro was considerably more expensive than its predecessor. However, without to have become significantly faster. In addition, should I be deleted with rising product prices interfaces. Likewise, were important components - such as the keyboard - has been replaced by new ones, unfortunately worse. Now I had to buy additional adapters to hook up my old equipment. Short: Since Apple has once again a cheek allowed.


All in all, seemed to me to be as customer-hostile, that I wanted to change the system for over 15 years. But my Surface Book is now unused in the office, while I'm still working with the old Macbook Pro. When trying to upgrade, two findings were evident in my work practice:

First, the Surface Book was barely faster than my three years older Macbook Pro. And, although credible tester had asked me twice the speed promised. Maybe it was my workflow in the combined use of Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, and all kinds of web and communications applications.

Second, could me neither the detachable touch screen, a built-in quasi tablet, nor the optional pen operation, so one of saved Cintiqe, convince only partially. I pushed the problems after a few days of conditioning tests on my own idiosyncrasies and gave up.

Old habits?

But of course they were not new experiences. I still knew from my old Windows machines. Until the early noughties I put a lot of time in the system maintenance. was often much more than for the real work left. At that time I wanted to use the machines according to my ideas, so take advantage of all the technical benefits as possible. Such claims are a bit presumptuous as they sound at first. They mean in everyday life constantly touching up of hardware and software and above all preoccupation with these issues - just to stay on the ball.

At some point I decided my Das-get-me-too-yet-to-run fantasies into the desert to send. For this a hard decision was necessary. Which was called: completely move to the then-new, Unix-based Mac OS X. All PCs were given away or donated and suddenly the computer tinkering was over. And I finally found time for my actual work.

My renewed migration attempt had come to light it openly: the core has not changed much to this day. Days I spent with setting up operations in Windows, simply worked previously on the Mac way. I had to scour Google for workarounds because the standard method for connecting Netzwerkgerätens did not work and apparently necessary rows to load device drivers from the network. With all this, I had for years no longer deal. And I did not miss it.

An example

It may sound all dare something and not very specific. Most of the problems are also more individually, because you as a Mac user will overcome all other obstacles have than me, when you upgrade to Windows. However, I have the impression that the Mac-Windows problem lies not in the details but in the fundamental understanding of the user. For this, a typical Photoshopper example:

Advertising from Microsoft promises me: thanks to the detachable display I could edit my pictures in Photoshop also prima directly with the pen. This is a great feature. I love to do rough work with the mouse and keyboard shortcuts. Detail work I want to run directly picturesque with the pen on the screen in between. The Surface Book gives me to the technique in principle.

But it does not really. I can only decrease the display when I finish Photoshop before. Okay, I think, is indeed understandable. As a tablet without connecting to the host computer can not access all resources, so it has less power. I then open my one or two gigabyte file again on the tablet, I have to - felt - wait several minutes until it is loaded. After that I can not really liquid continue to work with the pen. In tablet mode is available for such work simply enough processing power and memory. This results in a "Somehow-yet-but-then-but-not-situation" that makes me the change to Surface hard.

considered Conversely, there are Apple's products, this feature does not even. That's what I was angry for long. But after I have seen how it works on Windows, I suspect why: Apple's developers provide functions probably only when you can use them without restrictions. So not even in beta. That may be the difference in product philosophy. This is why so many creative people are the products of Apple world. They want to work with the devices. Work without being confronted at every turn with only largely solved problems. They remain even more loyal to their brand if doing many functionalities are only years later or never available.


So I will for now not to even use this ancient term for converts. Referring originally to the change of religion or belief. far-fetched comparison is not at all. Just think about that often run with fanatical zeal discussions about the correct operating system. Those who enjoy the like, which is the essay "MS-DOS is Calvinist"Umberto Eco suggested.

A personal technology conclusion from the Microsoft Creative Jam

Though the Apple products are increasingly less meet my expectations, the operating system is still the better. Not necessarily from a technical perspective, but in any case from the perspective of a user who just want to work.

Nevertheless, I can understand anyone who feels uncomfortable in the Golden Apple cage. The wider the range of applications from the Windows world would not have missed or system rather optimizes itself. But you have to want. As long as one has to deal with wanting even without it, it will be difficult to convince the 50 percent macOS-supporters among the creators of the system change.

Too bad, because the Surface studios are not only stylish, but almost sexy. A first step in the right direction, because sexy hardware, the domain of Apple's actually always been. Perhaps the developers create Microsoft rethinking, too soon with the operating system. stay awake!

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Christoph Künne

Christoph Künne is co-founder, editor and publisher of DOCMA. The scientists studied cultural photographed passionate portraits and works since 1991 with Photoshop.

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  1. Hallo Herr Kühne,
    für die nicht 50% Kreativen, die nicht mit Apple arbeiten, gibt es gute Gründe. Apple hat immer gemeint die Grafikern seien nur die Kreativen. Sobald es um die Integration von Computer und Maschinen ging, hinkte Apple Jahre hinterher, zum Beispile bei CNC-Maschinen und 3D-Drucker. Unter Windows, wo Messen und Steuern seit den Anfängen ein eigenen Bereich war, gab es da immer mehrere Anbietern für Hard und Software. So kann man unter Windows Hardware und Software in Bereich CNC 3D Fräsen und Laser-Schneiden nach seine Bedürfnisse auswählen und verhältnismäßig günstig einkaufen. Apple und auch Adobe bieten immer nur unviversal Lösungen mit total überfüllte Programme wie Photoshop. Moduläre Software wie zum Beispiel bei den 3d konstruktionssoftware Rhinoceros wäre viel sinnvoller.
    Bitte nehmen Sie auch einen Gegenkommentar von ein grafischen Windows Kollegen auf. Der wird sich doch wohl finden wenn nur 50% der Kreativen Apple nutzt.

  2. Nach 25 Jahren Mac-Fan-Boy und begeisterter Apologet des Reality-Distorsion-Fields von Hern Jobs, reicht es mir jetzt endlich auch (manch einer benötigt etwas länger). Apples elitäre Apothekenpolitik und ihre Verwandlung in ein Gemischtwarenmonster lassen mich als Anwender zunehmend verärgert (und mit zunehmend leeren Portemonnaie) zurück. Nachdem mein ansonsten voll funktionsfähiges MacBook Pro von Apple auf “vintage” gesetzt wurde, weigert (!) man sich dort, selbst einen 0815-Job wie einen Batterietausch vorzunehmen. Geht zur Not auch bei einem Computerschrauber oder per Youtube-Anleitung aber diese zunehmend verbreitete Haltung ist eine Frechheit.
    Mein neues Dell-Notebook ist eine hochwertige kleine Rakete und kostet gerade mal die Hälfte eines MacBooks. Windows 10 ist natürlich immer noch ein Alptraum an Usability aber als alter User seit den 80ern eher lästig als unlösbar. Nach etwa einer Woche sind alle Zusatztools installiert und die Tastenkürzel verinnerlicht. Im Büro (Grafik seit drei Jahrzehnten) werden die iMacs nach und nach ebenfalls durch PCs ersetzt werden.
    Apple wünsche ich noch schöne Jahre mit “innovativen” Kreditkarten und in der TV-Sparte.

  3. Ja die Gewohnheit ist ein Hund ;-). Kann nur jeden empfehlen, wenn es die Dose erlaubt, sich mit den div. OS in einer virtuellen Maschine vertraut zu machen. Dann hat man zumindest die Oberfläche schon mal zum Üben. Keine Ahnung wie oft ich versucht habe mir eine reine Surf- und Mailstation inkl. NAS und Cloudanbindung mit Linux einzurichten, das Terminal war für mich eher wie der Film mit Tom Hanks. Nachdem von VMware die Playersoftware entdeckt wurde, begann ich auf der Windows Maschine mit Linux genau so ein System einzurichten und siehe da nach ca. zwei Monaten wurde das Geübte auf einer eigenen Dose umgesetzt. Mac ist hier nur peripher in Verwendung, da die komplette Infrastruktur auf Win & Linux (Server) läuft. Aber es gibt Mac 10.14 in einer VM ;-).
    Warum dies so ist hat @docmatiker11941 sehr gut beschrieben. Die eierlegende Wollmilchsau Adobe hat sich schon ziemlich aufgebläht und verbraucht unnötige Resourcen, welche schlanke Win-Anwendungen für spez. Aufgaben einfach nicht benötigen und diese laufen auch klaglos als Portable- Version ohne installiert zu werden. Was wiederum bei mehreren Maschinen ein wesentlicher Vorteil ist. Video- Codierung, Fotos spez. Schärfen, Aufblasen und Verkleinern laufen schon länger in Einzelanwendungen bevor man Adobe bemüht. Will jetzt auch nichts über die Ausgabequalität sagen ;-). Letztendlich kann Apple die Preise nicht mehr wirklich rechtfertigen. Wer sich spez. für den grafischen Workflow eine Workstation bastelt od. basteln lässt kann ein Lied davon singen.

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