Make selfie unappealing?

the selfie mode is running slow dead? Loud a current contribution in the Journal of Research in Personality are Instagram users who post many selfies as less sympathetic, less open, less reliable and less successful experienced compared to those that could be rather take pictures of others - Posies take selfies is the new trend.

Basically a selfie's simply a photographic self-portrait, and as such it is almost as old as photography itself. The term "selfie" in the sense of self-portraits was 2002 first used demonstrablyBut for the next 10 years he remained uncommon. Only since 2013 its popularity seems to be growing fast; at least as a search term on Google He emerged since then with increasing frequency, In the same year "selfie" was already in the Oxford English Dictionary added. (By the way I myself first used the term in August 2013 in an e-mail to characterize the attached photos.)

A selfie of 2013

Selfies avant la lettre, of course, I had already taken regularly - usually using a mirror. In the example above, it was a reflective sculpture by Jeff Koons, which provided for the same distortion and color distortions.

A Selfie 2014

But were actually selfies? The Duden defines the selfie as "with the digital camera (smartphone or tablet) usually spontaneously recorded self-portrait of one or more persons", and then they would not, because I had used an ordinary digital camera. My first mobile phone with built-in camera I bought in 2015; In this respect, I was a late bloomer. It may seem unimportant if you shoot with a smartphone or a conventional camera, but the smartphone photo you can instantly share via social media, and that seems to belong to the concept of Selfie: A self-portrait that you keep to yourself is still no real selfie. In the Selfie-fashion is not just about taking pictures themselves repeatedly, but always new self-portraits all over the world to show (or at least a few hundred friends on Instagram or Facebook).

The concept of "Posies" to use the authors of the above article, is not as common as "Selfie" but the meaning is easy to understand: who throws himself in front of the smartphone camera of another pose and divides the image , posts a Posie. And who does that, is, according to the results of the study, by others for likeable, confident, successful, adventurous and sociable held as one who shares only selfies. Posies will look more natural than the often artificial selfies - keyword "Duck Face". But also because a Posie presupposes an interaction between the photographer and the portrayed, one tends latter for more accessible, more open and to keep friendly - because what's wrong with people who find obviously no one likes to photograph them, and that therefore accept themselves must ?

As for me, I'm always' off the hook. My self-portraits have been previously determined consistently for a very small audience (and therefore no selfies in the narrow sense), and that I have shown here which will remain an exception.

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Michael J. Hußmann

Michael J. Hussmann is a leading expert in the technology of cameras and lenses in Germany. He studied computer science and linguistics and worked for some years as a scientist in the field of artificial intelligence.

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