Compact mode in Room Light (CC)

Olaf's short tip on weekend

A small but fine tip for Lightroom (CC version, so do not Lightroom Classic): Right-click the "Edit" range and "Layout> compact" can you display the correction controller switch to the place on the to use the screen effectively. By moving the label of the vertical distance of the slider is reduced here, so it can at once on a small notebook monitor longer be displayed, which reduces scrolling. Compact mode in Lightroom - very convenient. Would be nice if there were the well on the iPad, in Lightroom and Camera Raw Classic.

Kompaktmodus in Lightroom
are the labels of the edit control between these by default. Characterized the distances are slightly larger, the width of the sliding portion but also slightly wider, thereby making it possible to work more closely. Photos: Olaf Giermann
Kompaktmodus in Lightroom
With a right click you can toggle between the normal and the compact switch view.
Kompaktmodus in Lightroom
In the compact view you can clearly see more controllers at once and the roads are a little shorter. Have fun with the compact mode in Lightroom.

Best regards and have a nice weekend!


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Olaf Giermann

His first contact with Photoshop took place in 2003 at the university where the program has been used exclusively as scanning software. Meanwhile Giermann applies literally as the "Photoshop-Lexikon" in German-speaking and sharing his knowledge in DOCMA in video courses and seminars.

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