Bildkritik: Cheap and expensive installation errors

Shoddy construction (ch)

If you feel bad installation errors, there would be only the underpaid graphic designers of furniture and hardware store brochures, so you're wrong. Even with highly specialized 3D software make it some people seem to ignore the perspective. Doc Baumann time takes two montages apart on "botched construction (ch)". Another submission, however, he speaks freely from the botch-reproach.

Bildkritik: Billige und teure Montagefehler
Installation Error: Pool project on London with the wrong perspective

Our first assembly errors discovered Horst fennel from Marburg: "From architects you should expect no criticism picture-worthy assembly. Jaja who love vanishing lines and the horizon. And besides: as you walk in to the pool and out? By helicopter? "

Well, such a constructive little things I would like here not turn, but I am not responsible. (One answer can be found on the way this website.)

For allerselbstverständlichsten knowledge for graphic heard the truism that - parallel to the ground - Edge of cubic objects by building lines extended to meet on the horizon. Actually, "white" 3-D software something from home, even if their users should have noticed nothing of this fact. Nevertheless, the engineers have managed in this case that the lines of flight until well converge high up in the sky. (The wrong are cyan here were correct the orange.)

Bildkritik: Billige und teure Montagefehler
Installation Error: - false - alignments (cyan) meet far above the horizon; the right would look like this (orange)

This is particularly tragic in this case. With a flat roof as one might in this assembly errors indeed still excuse it, it was just not level, but comes from obliquely forward. Only water surfaces are now horizontally inherently once, otherwise the imposing rooftop pool would in fact overcrowded. It belongs anyway a bit of courage to dabble in this planned project in London so high, with transparent side walls and the pool floor. But when the ground then is still quite inclined ...

As the pool should look, shows my correction down (just so rough on the fly, of course, supplemented buildings are in the background, where nothing else would have been to see botch!)

Bildkritik: Billige und teure Montagefehler
Installation Error: times very roughly on the fly: Something like that would be the correct perspective of the pool

Installation Error: botched tummy

however, the image of Bestway water slide, which I (DOCMA Sponsor) Stefan Schmitt from Bremen emailed belongs to the category of the more inexpensive everyday assembly errors.

This is again an example where you ask yourself: First, why was the scene not simply photographed? Second, if already mounting, then why not right? That would no longer but also made it work.

Bildkritik: Billige und teure Montagefehler
Installation Error: Nonsensical inserted boy on a water slide

One would only have to leave the boy cover a bit of the front wall of the slide and have him at arm's length further push to the left so that the splashes of hot water actually seems fairly plausible. Again, I've attached a quick-and-dirty correction wenigstes approximately shows how this looks. The overtime was found here only in that the original source image of the slide was not available for me.

Bildkritik: Billige und teure Montagefehler
Installation Error: At least the boy could slide down the slide chute; the misplaced water splashes on the arms can hardly be corrected easily.


No assembly errors: Storm clouds over the sea

The mail with the following image came from Frank, and he wrote: "Good morning, I could not help but to copy this post. This morning on 05.06.2019 in, The first message. Without words, because you get cramps - not another word comes to mind. "

For me, the cramps were described from amazingly. Seeking long meticulously for a discreet installation mistake I could possibly have overlooked - then I gave up and asked in return that could be because I failed there.

Frank's answer: "I meant that it is in the cloud, a very unconventional mounting an artificial dark cloud. I have not seen anything in nature, or am I completely wrong? "

Bildkritik: Billige und teure Montagefehler
No assembly errors: Storm clouds over the sea look different. / © FAZ

That shows just how much the perception of an image associated with its text description. Frank had assumed that there was talk in the headline of "storm clouds over the oceans of the world" because someone had probably one - have einmontiert cloud - very original indeed.

As cloud the fuzzy thing would be really very convincing. And I timidly told Frank: "But that's the engine of the aircraft, was photographed from the ..."

"Right, now I see it too, but I would not have guessed in 100 years. Sometimes you stand in life a little longer on the line '. "

That's how it is! So, at least this time no assembly errors.


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Hans Baumann

Doc Baumann is primarily concerned with installations (and their critics) and with the unmasking of image forgeries, also with digital graphic and pictorial techniques. In the media again and again as "Photoshop Pope" dubbed dedicated since 1984 to the digital imaging and writes since 1988 about it.

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  1. »Eigentlich „weiß“ 3-D-Software so etwas von Hause aus, selbst wenn ihre Benutzer von dieser Tatsache noch nichts mitbekommen haben sollten. Dennoch haben die Monteure es in diesem Fall geschafft, dass die Fluchtlinien erst weit, weit oben am Himmel zusammenlaufen.«

    3D-Software weiß gar nix “von Hause aus”, wenn – wie hier – ein Foto als Hintergrund einmontiert wird. Da muss man der 3D-Software schon die richtige Perspektive beibringen – manuell oder mit den verfügbaren Hilfsmitteln der jeweiligen Software. In Modo beispielsweise gibt es dafür das “Camera Matcher”-tool. Der Einsatz von 3D-Software an sich ist jedenfalls kein Garant für korrekte Perspektiven – es sei denn, die gesamte Szene wurde in 3D erzeugt und gemeinsam gerendert.

  2. Bei der Wasser-Rutsche fällt mir auf, dass diese offensichtlich bis zum Rand mit Wasser gefüllt ist. Statisch geht das bekanntlich nicht, und schräg stehend wird ein heftiger Zu- und Abfluss benötigt. Allerdings tritt dann zwischen dem fliessenden Wasser und dem Rutscher keine Geschwindigkeits-Differenz auf und das Spritzen unterbleibt 😉

  3. Montagefehler: Pfusch am Bauch
    Mir schein der Junge nicht perspektivisch, sondern lediglich schlecht montiert zu sein. In den beiden Bildern, die in den Kreisen zu sehen sind, kann man erkennen, dass die Rutschbahn aus zwei parallel verlaufenden Bereichen besteht. Einem blauen und einem roten Bereich. Der angeblich falsch platzierte Junge rutscht also auf dem roten Teil der Rutsche, wenn auch mit zu viel Wasser und wie gesagt grottenschlecht eingefügt.

  4. … mal abgesehen davon, dass ein Pool auf dem Dach, so schön die Vision erscheinen mag, recht unpraktisch sein muss, wenn man keinen Ein- oder Ausstieg hat. Aber: Perspektive hin oder her, das “Falsche” gefällt mir eher als das “Richtige” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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