Adobe Fresco - opinion and first impression

The day before yesterday appeared Fresco - the new drawing and painting app from Adobe for the iPad. we reported, Yesterday I installed Fresco on my iPad. Unfortunately, I had due to various pending projects do not have the time and leisure to confront or me to the last detail with the app something "to paint" serious. So at this point, my first impression and a few thoughts.

Adobe Fresco
Fresco, the new paint and drawing app from Adobe. For now, for the iPad, later also for Android tablets.

Adobe Fresco - the UI

The program interface is very tidy and as iPad users can be found - also due to the short introduction - now also without major manual handle. In a pinch, there are the manual here, Workspace rotation, dark or bright surface, gesture control ... anything goes. Individual pallets (for example, the color picker or brush presets) and controls (for example, the fields for the brush characteristics) can undock and positioned anywhere on the screen, without having to constantly close again. A touch point allows one to rapidly change from painting to etching. I like everything. Top!

Adobe Fresco
The pallets can undock and move freely without this close automatically. I particularly like the mini-plane view, which saves space, but allows quick access to masks and Co.. Unplanned Doodle by Olaf Giermann. 😉

Adobe Fresco - brush

There are three types of brushes in Fresco:

  • pixel brush - these are the brushes that you know well from Photoshop. Here are many of the provisions of Kyle T. Webster right in the app are available which are also for the desktop, but in addition you can also load your own brush - either through the files app or the libraries. In this way, incidentally, can be personalized with all Adobe Capture use brush produced in fresco, which is not even mastered Photoshop.
  • interactive brush (Live Brushes) - These are for me the real highlight of the app. Because by AI (Adobe Sensei) trained algorithms provide a realistic looking paint application - in oil (7 different preset brushes) or watercolor (4 different preset brushes). Along with the increased in the new iPadOS performance of Apple pens that feel no exaggeration just fantastic to.
  • vector brush are another highlight, which is primarily aimed at subscriber or calligraphers. The brush strokes produced are resolution-independent and scalable without loss of quality. Also the Malgefühl and brush performance is great.

Too bad, I find that the water color diffuse in all directions. In the desktop software Rebelle (more info) You can blow or the color of virtually allowed to flow by regulator in different directions. Great it would have been if Fresco would be done using the possibilities of the iPad and could determine the direction of flow by tilting the iPad. But maybe this is a planned feature for a future update.

All in all, Fresco in my opinion, is quickly and clearly for version 1, a really successful app that is fun and allows for high quality brush effects. Top, Adobe!

But now we come once to the less edifying part.

Adobe Fresco - Prices

Most questions about Fresco be quickly and easily in the Fresco FAQs answered. Once you get a little more "butter fish" 😉 from me:

Fresco can be used for free (with 2 GB of online storage) to (including 100 GB of online storage) to use the premium features, but is a subscription required that with fairly outrageous 11 Euro per month (!) Off your budget for one already gets the photo-subscription, including Photoshop and Lightroom, or in my opinion, fantastic Painting App procreate (in this case, however, even for a single payment of about 10 euros), which is currently Fresco (in functionality yet?) by inches - if one disregards the Interactive-brushes and vector brushes Fresco.

Which for the premium features now are accurate, can be found only after installing the app (a bad habit!). Here is a screenshot, but what exactly brush missing in the free version, I do not know:

Adobe Fresco
These premium features Fresco gets paid Adobe expensive - if you do not already have the entire CC-subscription or a single subscription of Adobe desktop software, where the fresco full version is included.

The premium version of Fresco way, is part of the Gesamtabos the Creative Cloud and in the subscriptions of individual apps (for example, solely Illustrator or Photoshop). For users of the Photo subscriptions unfortunately not available - likely because its target audience, as the name suggests, the photographer and not a painter and draftsman are. but that Photoshop for the iPad will also be part of the photo-subscriptions is to be hoped.

So if you ask me: In the current pricing models all users of the entire Creative Cloud subscriptions can look forward to a new, really great addition to their subscription with Fresco. Subscribers of individual apps I do not know personally. 😉 For users of Photo subscriptions probably only the free version of Fresco takes into consideration, as their premium subscription would just double the monthly subscription price times.

Oh: Photoshop for the iPad

Fun fact: In the FAQ already the question arises, what ways Photoshop on the iPad and Fresco:

Adobe Fresco
In the fresco FAQ the difference between Fresco and iPad Photoshop is ever explained, though the latter is not yet published. 😉

Obviously can therefore probably not long in coming Photoshop for the iPad. In fact, the surface of Fresco of the Photoshop interface looks very similar to that already shown in some preview videos (example video). But one year are now already old.

Best regards,
Your Olaf Giermann

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Olaf Giermann

His first contact with Photoshop took place in 2003 at the university where the program has been used exclusively as scanning software. Meanwhile Giermann applies literally as the "Photoshop-Lexikon" in German-speaking and sharing his knowledge in DOCMA in video courses and seminars.

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