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To work with the design selection for additional Adobe Stock Price

Adobe Remix

An exclusive day with digital artist Uli Staiger - to the winner of the Adobe Stock Additional price can rejoice at this year DOCMA Award. Participation is simple: you simply integrate an Adobe Stock image in one of your Award submissions and you're there. Here we show you how it works.

The term "remix" is originally from the music industry - but also the art plays with the interpretation or alienation known works. Right here, this year DOCMA Award and the Adobe Stock put on additional price and are dedicated to the Remix Culture.
Jury Member and Grand Master of composing Uli Staiger also feels in this element at home and you have the opportunity to win an exclusive day with him in Berlin. Take your chance and make the Adobe Stock Additional price. For your participation Uli Staiger has therefore selected ten images - of which you must incorporate only one in one of your submissions - of photographs illustrations to a 3D graphics. It is to be there so easily - whether "Apprentice," "Journeyman" or "master." In the Adobe Stock selection can be found next to nature scenes, portraits and even playful illustrations. So it's something for every taste.

The pictures of Adobe Stock Selection

Adobe Stock Zusatzpreis
Important: The selected images may only be used within Adobe Stock Additional price for DOCMA Award in 2019 and not be used for other projects.
Adobe Stock Zusatzpreis

To use the Creative Cloud Library

Before you can start right away, we present the design selection as Creative Cloud Library available , Please also read the stored there Terms of Use before you can easily import the library into your favorite Adobe CC program:

1. Click on the top right in the library area on the menu "Options" and then select "Import library " out.

2. the popup appears "Import Library". Click here "Select Folder ".

3. Search "Choose Folder" dialog box, the library file, select it and click "OK".

4. "import library" in the pop, the selected location is displayed. Click on "Import", On the confirmation message that appears on "OK".

Special effects can be achieved with 3D graphics. These can also be easily integrated into Adobe Photoshop CC:

First Download 3D file: First download the zipped 3D file from the library either down or store them in your Creative Cloud. The file is zipped, since it consists of several sub-areas.

Second unzip: Normally, zip files unzip automatically after downloading. If this is not the case, helping to double. As an alternative to native decompression software, you can use free programs like "Express Zip" or "7-Zip". Windows users click the right mouse button on the ZIP file and select the context menu item "Extract All ..." from.

. 3 Open file: Via the menu items "File" and "Open" you can open the "obj file" from the unzipped folder in Adobe Photoshop CC. Alternatively, you can first create a new workspace and then the command "3D" - use "new 3D layer from file" to open. The subfolder contains the JPEG files, which provide color and surface texture. They are automatically assigned to the actual 3D object by the .mdl or .mtl file.

Tip: If Adobe Photoshop CC asks if you want to open the 3D workspace, click "OK". So you have all necessary for processing panels directly at hand.

4th processing: Edit the file now with the Adobe Photoshop CC 3D tools. You can also apply the most classic image editing tools. If you have little experience in dealing with the Adobe Photoshop CC 3D files, see here further assistance.

How to participate

If one of the images from the Creative Cloud Library have incorporated into your remix, please follow the Upload procedure and specify during the process in the corresponding field, which the Adobe Stock images are used you.

See the selection no matching pictures? If you are already Adobe Stock customer, you can of course also use Adobe Stick media that you have already purchased. Alternatively, you can choose one of the pictures offered at no charge at Adobe Stock or 30-day trial access use of Adobe Stock, which includes ten free standard downloads - so you have access to around 100 million stock media.

Registration and participation in the Adobe Stock Price extra run until May 10, 2019. The terms and conditions for the Adobe Stock selection you will find in the Creative Cloud Library. In addition, subject to the Terms and conditions the Docma Awards.

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Christian Thieme

Christian Thieme is active since 2005, professionally in the field of photography. At the beginning of the new millennium, he has dealt with Photoshop, and now uses the full range of Adobe products for its photographic and journalistic work. He publishes a podcast for photo subjects and regularly hosts photo Walks.

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