DOCMA Award 19

DOCMA Award 2019

It starts

recompose own pictures of famous painting styles and motifs and interpret individual - that's the theme of the DOCMA Award of 2019.

DOCMA Award 2019

What is it about

Remix comes as a term originally from the music. In the visual arts, he referred to two things: First, the new interpretation of an existing work, and secondly the design of a new plant by the use of recognizable elements from other works. Most of the works are already remixes - from what has shaped us as a Creative for life visually. That we make a rule, however, so unaware.

DOCMA Award: Registration & Upload

For the DOCMA Award 2019 now we want you to these events lead to very clearly in mind, so play and submit our works that refer to other recognizable artworks in the content, form, color scheme, technology or other characteristics. As models work great photographers can also serve as Old Master paintings or movies, comics, video games - in short, all the imagery that inspire you. They should cite these templates incorporate ideas and shape it into something new. Whether you customize photography, photomontage, collage, graphic painting and drawing techniques, 3D tools, or even use all of it remains up to you. It is important for us in addition to the final image, however, a brief explanation text from which the jury finds out which other works have inspired you to your work. Oh, and one more thing: If you wish to use parts of other works, note in your own interest the laws designed to protect copyrights. In other words, ideas may steal for this competition, copyrighted images not.

Deadline:May 10, 2019


"Where's because your own creativity?" You might ask, but this attitude would ignore an essential basis for artistic work: Out of nowhere it does not create anything. Those who want to create something unique, special, Attractions, always needs to material and tools. The tools are familiar to us, the material is primarily the while our lives seen, we then convert with tools and resources into new images.

If you look more closely, will find that our entire cultural development is based on this same technique of remixing. Every picture you take pictures, paint or just come up with, is always influenced by what you have seen before.

If you go out with a camera, look - usually unconsciously - to image patterns that you previously ever seen in exhibitions, books, films or the Internet. And you are looking for something that appeals to you so much that you want to make such images. These can be landscapes that remind you of paintings. Or architectural patterns, shadows, plants, details, animals, street scenes. All that we have a hundred, if not seen a thousand times before we press the shutter button.

DOCMA Award 2019 - The supporters

Premium Sponsor: Adobe
Main Sponsor: Sigma
sponsors: Eizo, Epson.Tamron, Wacom
Plus partners: Nopar International
Partner: Museum for Communication Frankfurt

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Christoph Künne

Christoph Künne is co-founder, editor and publisher of DOCMA. The scientists studied cultural photographed passionate portraits and works since 1991 with Photoshop.

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  1. Hallo Christoph Künne,
    es geht um die Einteilung beim Docma Award in Lehrling, Geselle und Meister. Ich weiß nie, ob ich mich zu den Gesellen oder Meister zählen soll. Als Lehrling ist das ja eine klare Sache. Aber ab wann soll man sich zu den Meistern zählen? Mit 5 Jahren Berufserfahrung z.B.? Es gibt doch keinen “Meister” in der Mediengestaltung, oder bin ich nicht auf dem neuesten Stand? Ich würde es gut finden, wenn es diese Unterscheidung nicht mehr geben würde. LG Andrea Cziesso

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