DOCMA Award 19

CS2420 ColorEdge EIZO

CS2420 ColorEdge von EIZO

When DOCMA Award 2019 rewarding to participate because it waving back valuable prizes from our sponsors. EIZO is time to CS2420 ColorEdge worth 699 euros.
The 24.1-inch CS2420 EIZO offers a screen size of 24.1 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. The exact calibration of the monitor succeed in no time. For this, his EIZO microprocessor that uses the potential of the Wide Gamut LCDs optimally provides. Therefore, the CS2420 colors and gradients displays detailed legal. Photo enthusiasts and amateur image editors get a look at their pictures.
The screen impresses with highest resolution, a very good contrast ratio of 1000: 1 and a brightness of 350 cd / m2. For example, graphics and images can be edited with pixel accuracy. The LCD module with IPS panel allows 178 degree viewing angle, characterized remain colors and contrasts in the cone of vision of the user stably.
The CS2420 has a high-quality Microchip, EIZO has developed specifically for the unique needs of color-working. With its own algorithm EIZO ASICs provide precise, uniform and consistent color.
The wide color gamut reproduces the Adobe RGB color space to 99 percent. Be in RAW format images shot in Adobe RGB converted, the monitor is this absolutely correct way of image editors recognize a bright blue sky and lush green forests lifelike -. Unlike monitors with sRGB color space. But the pressure of the CS2420 ColorEdge, EIZO offers great advantages: It covers almost the entire CMYK color space.


EIZO is the Japanese word for "image" and the name of a leading global manufacturer of high-end display solutions. EIZO develops and produces since 1968 monitors and display solutions for use in some highly specialized markets such as office, healthcare, graphics / imaging, operating theaters as well as airspace and video surveillance. Those who speak of EIZO, speaks of uncompromising quality and products that are characterized by a high degree of reliability, image quality and ergonomics.

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Christian Thieme

Christian Thieme is active since 2005, professionally in the field of photography. At the beginning of the new millennium, he has dealt with Photoshop, and now uses the full range of Adobe products for its photographic and journalistic work. He publishes a podcast for photo subjects and regularly hosts photo Walks.

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  1. Eine optimale Auflösung für diese Bildgrösse. Damit kann man bei 1:1 Wiedergabe und einem Betrachtungsabstand on ca. einem halben Meter die Schärfe beurteilen und sieht noch keine einzelnen Pixel.
    Bei deutlich höheren Auflösungen, wie sie momentan teilweise propagiert werden, vergisst man, dass das Auge höchstens eine halbe Bogenminute auflöst und man somit etrem nahe an den Bildschirm rücken muss, um Vorteile zu sehen.

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